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Hero.EXE is currently running a Kickstarter campaign until October 21st! If you would like to support us and reserve a copy of the game as well as some cool merch, check us out here:

Hero.EXE is a strategic action RPG focused on grid based combat, visual novel style decisions, and deck building. Explore the vast digital landscape of another world’s internet. Battle glitches and other pilots to become even stronger. Choose your partner wisely as you become part of the story.

It all starts with you and your Ava (Artificial Virtual Assistant). Each Ava has their own goals and it will be up to you on how to best manage and work with your Ava. You and your Ava must discover the secret origins of the server worlds and fight your way through an ever expanding conspiracy to discover the truth.

At its core Hero.EXE is a card collecting action RPG. It will be up to you on how to build your deck to best compliment your Ava. Each Ava has their own unique abilities that can be further customized within the game. Along with customizing your Ava you need to also manage your relationship with them. During the game you’ll be presented with choices and decisions and your Ava will take notice of each one. As you make decisions your Ava will gain effects representing their opinion of your choices.

  • Card collecting
  • Deck building
  • Character customization
  • Visual novel scenes
  • Story choices
  • Real time combat


Hero.EXE 0.0.5.zip 580 MB

Install instructions

Download the game,
Unzip the folder,
Run Hero.EXE(.exe)! 

Development log


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Is there a way to in battle key binds? I'd rather control my attacks with the keyboard or play with a controller.

It looks gorgeous!

Do you plan a port to GNU/Linux in the future?

I must say this is soo great!


So I do a gameplay in my "I try it" series.

I can't wait for the full game.


It you satand on a fire floor and you win, you take damage.

Can fix this bug?


Demo was rad, though the sound balance seemed really off when I turned down the master volume.

Ill look into that for the next patch


Hello, just want to say, awesome game, I had trouble recording it, I am not sure why, but the game is so good I uploaded it anyway so more people can see it and play it.

Really liking the Battle Network vibe but with a very original twist, the characters are really likable and well designed, and the music really gets your cyber blood pumping; even when it's in alpha I can see the effort and deep of the whole game, really promising.

The only thing I would mention is the lack of any tutorial (Again it's in alpha so I am sure that will be added eventually) still the game is very intuitive and after a few fights I got the hang of it and I am sure most people will too.

Once again, awesome work!


Great visuals but I need a tutorial cause I don't get the combat... 


We have a voiced tutorial sequence coming next month