A downloadable crunchy run and gun for Windows

She probably shouldn't have stolen the guns and gold from those bandits. And getting that bounty put on her head didn't help much either. The lawmen aren't too far behind the bandits. No way out of this one, might as well go out with a hell of a bang.

A frantic and fast-paced 2D arena shooter with an eye for (gun) details. Earn high scores and increase the bounty on your head while fighting on a runaway train crawling with enemies.


GUNGUNGUN will be available for download soon for the low low price of FREE.

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Takorn Sueksagan

- Game and Level Design

- Programming

- Sound Design

Kat Whittaker

- Character and Environment Art

- Animation

Connor Coburn

- Music


If you have feedback or questions please email us at:


Install instructions

Download the Executable and click it!

Be sure to read the README file.


GUNGUNGUN BETA 0.9.1.zip (40 MB)
GUNGUNGUN BETA 0.9.zip (40 MB)